It was on a 16th of November morning, 2019 that the fast rising singer/performer Fhish took it to social media expressing discontent and disappointment towards the Cameroonian prolific rapper now turned singer Stanley Enow. Fhish and his team (which he calls his government) felt neglected and disgraced during Stanley Enow’s “Stanley Vs Enow” album launch that took place the night before the viral video the next morning (we trust you with dates, you counted already).

This video sparked up debates in the industry, as the topic surrounding disrespect had been a major issue. Some people had complained about disrespect and pride already, but it seemed to just be trending that day morethan before. Some tried separating the team from the artiste (Stanley Enow), but that can’t be done because the leader will always take the blame. It revolves around him, (the leader, the brand) so sorry. The singer (Fhish) was not given the chance to perform, (which prolly could have been of great help to him) and more to that, his table was left dry and empty like an abandoned table in an underground basement. Despite the fact that he had an invitation, little or no attention was given to him and his “government” (this part touch we too lol). He left that night with his “government” very furious (Reason for the early morning video, meaning he didnt sleep). 

Things turned into Fhish’s favor, when Wax Dey, who was the among the main organizers of the Njeiforbi music Festival under his label Calabash music released a shocking communiqué banning Fhish from the show (Given that Fhish’s presence was necessary as he was one of the contestants who won the spot to perform alongside Diamond Platnumz and Stanley Enow during the show). Anarchy and clique demonstration was revealed in broad daylight as they tried to cut Fhish off the performance due to his complaints against Stanley Enow, for disrespecting him and his “government” (He seems not to ever joke with his team, and that should be applauded).Can you imagine two artistes having an issue and one is banned from the show for fear of violence and unforeseen circumstances? (Na that one my big sista di eva halla say “walehh” 🙌). Fhish’s revolution only took another good turn as the crowd went in his favor, against the big names who were demonstrating Michiavelic tactics to the view of everyone (If no be to fear na for do how again 🙌). More like corrupt politicians trying to cut off or punishing a freedom fighter for speaking out against them (Mancho Fhishixy 🙌). Fhish’s revolution was being fortified by his “enemies”, (Just a description oo) as they seemed to be working in his favor unconsciously. Reason why under pressure, they rushed back to him, to have him perform, but he refused (He was feeling the love of his new fans already, if you can permit us insinuate). So what did the new crowd expect from Fhish?

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      Every Cameroonian who has been a victim of marginalization and discrimination will never like to see that happen to another brother/sister. More to that an English speaking brother (if you know what i mean). The push in Fhish’s favor was for him to demonstrate that a courageous guy from nowhere can step up and change the game that has been suffering in the hands of cliques who have confiscated the game and made the rules in their favor. Difficult task though, but he went in despite the heat (that’s fearlessness).The push on Fhish was to see him swim through this deep water, which would not have only been his victory, but a motivation to any other upcoming artistes who have been left stranded and confused by this showbiz system (focus). The outcome would have been great income for Fhish and his government, but the vision seemed clouded.

    Unfortunately, Fhish at some moment was not different from his oppressors (sad story indeed). Not being able to deal with the little attention, he snapped, and fell out of his own struggle. You should be eager to know why already, and i will tell you…Others complained during his first video, saying he could have simply aired out his views without coming at the Motherland music label and the type of “wack music” they made, as he described it. We still understood this part of the story because it was under anger and frustration that the video was made. Exploiting the moment and attention to promote his songs and dance moves, Fhish turned to something different in live videos. Forgetting that some of the many people that stood by him during this time where those who had undergone similar cases, or better still, simply people who don’t like injustice (i trust Camer them for this gift).Their aim/goal was to see Fhish make it through this tight situation. Fhish already high on fame, rather went ahead to answer his new followers rudely, forgetting they are the foundation of his struggle/revolution. We could watch and listen to  Fhish in a live video responding to a fan in these words “i’m high, im always high, (referring to drugs) infact i cant even remember the last time i was low, and no one can tell me not to be. Lemme show you something (he took out a bowl of weed and flashed it before everyone)”. Don’t know about you, but anyone will find that disrespectful and idiotic (à quelle heure mon frère?). It got many people questioning if he had a PR in charge of his communication, or he was just an amateur struggling without guidance.

To spice the story, Martin Enow, (Stanley Enow’s brother)came up with a series of tweets in which he poured heavy insults on Fhish for coming at his brother. Insults sent directly to Fhish’s mother, and accusations at Fhish for being gay (homosexual) left everyone in awe (more to that with no evidence). More reasons for Fhish to believe this moment was another stormy one, but he refused to (Je ne savais pas que c’est comme ça qu’il allait faire 🙌). Rather, we were all shocked when “the leader of the Fhish revolution made another video sending apologies to his “oppressors”. Funny right?. This happened hours (hours) after the fresh insults fired on him by Martin Enow. To others, it was a good move, while for others it was the end of their support for someone they thought could bring some forceful change. Well, the revolutionist took 10 steps behind in the quest for peace, but was it because of fear and intimidation by his “oppressors”? Or was it a way to silent the allegations showered on him by Martin Enow? That’s a question for another day. One thing is sure though, his oppressors won another battle, that only helped fortify them, while the dignity and courage of the revolutionist were swallowed, trampled upon like that of a fearful freedom fighter. One thing is sure now, he is no more a worry to them, since he has been tamed already (And we still doubt if they now see him as a friend). Anyways, his talent lives on, and the industry will continue, but does the Fhish revolution still continue?. We wish for the best though.

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Lastly, everything we write/post here (In the simplest means possible) is for our audience to ponder upon and see if they can, just by reading, having fun, sharing opinions, be an instrument of change to our entertainment industry, themselves and their environment in one way or the other. Each of your reactions and comments matter to us (we learn and laugh too). We are trying our best this way, and for those viewing us as haters, we just think its a misplaced thought (look deep into what we write and post to understand). Before you get emotional reading this conclusion, remember we were analyzing Fhish’s revolution and we are waiting for you in the comment section (politics is a dirty game, stay clean)…Thank you and have a great weekend.