Meet Cameroonian Influencer (ManLikeClix) who travels the world 1

Meanwhile others are using the social media as a platform for shades and argument and show off, Gwei Noel Yengong aka ManLikeClix is using it for his advantage to travel the world, learn and embrace different cultures.

In an interview with us we asked him how he manages to travel the world and he said “One of the advantages of a Travel Influencer is Free Travel”.

He explains: “The new thing is called Influencer Marketing which was generated from the rise of social media, Influencer Marketing is a part of the marketing domain that focuses on influencers.

Who is an influencer? Someone who urges and influences people to take action, buy, or follow a movement. In the digital marketing world of today, companies have understood the power of influencers and are using it to their own advantage.

Now, how do influencers benefit from it? Quite simple, Any destination you are visiting, you simple send your preferred hotel an email, show them your social media handles and explain the benefits they will get if there could let you stay for few days, some will agree and some would not.”

There is also a free flight strategy and many other strategies to the advantage of influencers and this is why it is important to have an audience not only in the travel niche but also in other niches such as what he does which is fashion and travel.

We know social media is toxic but how about we start gaining rather than complaining? After a scroll through his Instagram page @manlikeclix where he has over 100k followers, we picked out some interesting photos to share with you, our readers.

For those who want to be influencers this is someone to learn from, a quite humble person in the industry: Simple send him a DM on Instagram @manlikeclix and he will answer all your questions.

Meet Cameroonian Influencer (ManLikeClix) who travels the world 2
Meet Cameroonian Influencer (ManLikeClix) who travels the world 3
Meet Cameroonian Influencer (ManLikeClix) who travels the world 4