Mak Mansa “So Fly”

Kenyan Rapper, Mak Mansa is back with this new song “So Fly”. This time round he explores his relationships with Alcohol/drug, money, women and friendships, from what he calls a “flirtatious point of view”.

In an attempt to test waters and push boundaries, he raps about where he views himself within the industry while at the same time looking at where he is coming from and where he is headed.

So fly is an ironic attempt to underscore all these factors, seeing that Mansa, does not even indulge in some of the things he is talking about! And as he makes it clear in verse 3, all you need to be fly in this life is self belief, not material substances.

The video narrates how a night out turns dramatic as Mansa ends up having a sexual encounter with a lady who happens to head an organisation that Mansa needs to make a deal with!