Young Holiday ‘Worth The Wait EP’

February 25, 2019 saw the release of another EP from Vanilla Tunes’ frontline artist, Young Holiday, titled “Worth The Wait.” Young Holiday is building a grand reputation and soon enough, he will be remembered as one of the greatest rappers Cameroon ever had.

Proof of his lyrical mightiness can be grasped as the artist dives deep with his message on self worth and purpose. The entire project features just one artist, Wan Shey, who came in to bless track 3—Legends Never Die­—which happens to be our best song from the project.­

Ralf Beatz produced most of the project with extra production credit from DJ Double on track 2 and Blahk Santa on Track 6.

Now let’s go song for song. We will rate each song using the following factors:-
-Engineering [Overall Mixing & Mastering, Audio Quality, Production] (…/10)
-Lyrics [Message, Storytelling, Punchlines, Rhyming, Wordplay] (…/10)
-Delivery [flow, Tact, Feeling] (…/10)

Track 1: Young Holiday – Peaceful Life

-Engineering: 9 /10
-Lyrics: 10/10
-Delivery: 10/10

The song, ‘Peaceful Life’ is a narrative of the artist’s perspectives and goals in life. Young Holiday uses tact in explaining his reasons for doing music, what he aims at and what he thinks of himself as a rapper.


“Mama Told me not to play with fire, she didn’t know she was raising a dragon/
Till I started spitting fire. I am a son of Poseidon/
I am afraid I will ride on, I can’t retire/
Carry message like a raven, and I’m about to deliver/
I am that Kind of rapper they can’t overrate/
Nobody badder than me up till date/
I’m getting married to the game /
and your favorite rapper was there to catch the bouquet…”

Track 2: Young Holiday – Satisfied

-Engineering: 7/10
-Lyrics: 8/10
-Delivery: 8/10

The general idea behind this song is to raise awareness. The artist sensitizes his listeners to self examination. ‘Satisfied’ is a message to every listener to live life more carefully and focus on building more self value rather than listening to people’s opinions of who you are. Great message!


“Spit whatever they’re feeding you if it’s too salty/
Work on your own terms, no force’am if the shoes don’t fit/
Your life be regular, something like zero, two, four, six/
Roast every memory like you’re hosting a barbecue/
Leave every whatsapp group that you’ve ever been added to/
Forget your friends, take some time out to yourself/
Pick a quiet spot and take a ride into your mind my friend…”

Track 3: Young Holiday Ft. Wan Shey – Legends Never Die

-Engineering: 10/10
-Lyrics: 10/10
-Delivery: 10/10

Young Holiday has the power to turn poetry into music. I enjoyed every line of this song and it was a very smart move adding Wan Shey to this record. Wan Shey brings out a couple of societal ills, misuse of religion and brainwash. Also, Ralf Beatz did a great job with the bouncing beat. This song is our favorite song off the EP.


“The world spoil when they start to give God face/
They give yi name, give shade, put yi for white race/
Use complex for keep in check the black faith/
Fake freedom for keep in chains the black slaves/
The same yi weh di bless barren women/
Na the same yi di bless the Clergy though dem di rape children/
The same yi create people set day for kill dem/
The same boleh Onan because e spill yi seed dem…” – Wan Shey

Track 4: Young Holiday – Test Of Time

-Engineering: 9/10
-Lyrics: 8/10
-Delivery: 10/10

On this one, Young Holiday paints a perfect picture, using an examination scenario to describe what he meant by test of time. The song is deep and requires deep listening to grasp the concept. Young Holiday built the ideas very solidly, making it more interesting —more like a movie.


“If it’s all about who deserved it, I shouldn’t stress this/
Being the best in this nation, I checked it off my checklist/
Like 3 years ago. Hard for them to accept this/
Because I haven’t been to shows in snacks out of the country/
Words, Wisdom, that’s the only thing I fit from/
No mind my small size, My  soul big pass your income/
I’m talking to Bill Gates, who tell you for eavesdrop/
Done being minimized, get ready for the real star…”

Track 5: Young Holiday – En Francaise

-Engineering: 10/10
-Lyrics: 8/10
-Delivery: 10/10

En Francaise is a song in which Young Holiday expresses his deepest thoughts about fame and possessing an unorthodox nature. The energy around the instrumental of this song is much appreciated as the rapper puts up with the same energy from start to end.


“You can’t keep me in a picture, I cannot be framed/
If I ever get to lose you, that will be a shame/
You know, the boy deh like ndop rice, I no di high/
So when I talk’am, I mean’am, I no kam here for hold debate/
I believe in myself, I’m no atheist/
like you rate am any kana style, I deh for A-List/
Gimme two years, I no go deh me for that list/
I’ll standing next to Cassper, Nasty/
 M.I, African legends, they’ll be first three/
then I, and I won’t stop until I’m the greatest of them all…”

Track 6: Young Holiday – Need Your Help

-Engineering: 10/10
-Lyrics: 9/10
-Delivery: 10/10

It is no doubt that Blahk Santa is one of the greatest producers you will find in the industry—He did a great job on the instrumental. Young Holiday, on the other hand, touched sensitive issues on the track switching between politics, religion, human welfare and money. This song is full wisdom and you need to listen with your heart.


See a lot of churches trying to cast out habits/
Pastors giving us prophecies like God is trying to prove he has it/
What’s the point of embarrassing me in public; It’s so pathetic/
We fear God more than we love him; Religion is more of magic/
I’m out here screaming ‘Free Valsero’/
The government is the biggest threat to unity to me though…”

Track 7: Young Holiday—Money Talks

-Engineering: 10/10
-Lyrics: 7/10
-Delivery: 10/10

‘Money Talks’ is a letter to all hustlers to slow down with the restless hustle. As workers, we all push too hard, sometimes to point of forgetting our families, friends and loved ones. So the artist paints a scenario of Money Talking to every hustler.


“Don’t forget where you’re coming from/
Please remember where you’re going to/
All those plans when that money comes/
And I’m here, you want for trade shoes/
You transforming into someone else/
You are trying to impress/
this isn’t the person that I used to see over the years/
And that a blessing or a curse/
I think you need to know I mean no disrespect…”

From the review, it is clear that ‘Worth The Wait EP’ was way above average. The artist puts his soul into every record and mere ears can barely get the meaning of his words. This is poetry on instrumentals!

Anticipate Young Holiday’s forthcoming album titled “Emmanuel” which is to be released on March 10, 2019.