Following the buzz that came with the release of the Cameroonian rapper’s album, ‘GOD DON KAM,’ unconfirmed reports have it that Jovi made up to 50.000.000 CFA(approximately $100.000) off album sales only.

Since these figures are unconfirmed, there has been a great controversy as some deny the figures while others think it’s totally impossible to get such money off music in Cameroon.

Well, that’s not our focus. Whether the figures are true or not, Jovi has made a whole lot of money from his recent album release and we can learn a few things from him that will guarantee the success of any artist in the Industry.

So let’s get down to business. What can every artist learn from Jovi?

1 – Hard Work & Patience
Since his official introduction into the Cameroonian Music Industry in 2011, Jovi has been venting his energy into his music and building a good team. It is noteworthy that ‘GOD DON KAM’ (released on 16th February 2019) is the first project that Jovi put out for sale. So it has taken him eight years of hard work to fully reap the fruits of his labour.

Artists, likewise, need to focus on their music, putting in the required work to achieve success. One way is to start a routine of creating new content on a regular basis.

2 – Consistency

Jovi has not, for once, left his fans hungry. He makes sure they are always fed with new music every now and then. With the correct utilization of Albums, EPs and singles, Jovi is holding tight the attention of his fans.

Jovi said it himself in Man Pass Man Part 3:

“Chop for Studio, na for deh wey I di sleep/
I di comot only time wey I get for sh*t/
Na why that when I comot, any man juh get for shift/
Sika say any mutumbu weh I drop am be na hit…”

Consistency is a tool that can ensure the success of every artist. Try releasing new singles regularly. At least once a year, an album or EP will be appropriate for holding your listeners’ attention.

3 – Improvement

Jovi has, with time, improved on every aspect of his music. His lyrics, style, delivery, production, mixing and mastering have improved to a topnotch level. From the ‘H.I.V‘ album right up to the ‘God Don Kam‘ album, keen listeners will notice a steady improvement in Jovi’s art.

If you strive for success in this Music Industry, improvement is the most constant factor of the whole formula. Even the best artists in the world find room for improvement because there is always something to work on.

4 – Understanding the Business Part of the Music

Making music requires money, which means nobody makes music for free except in rare cases. Therefore, you need to recover what you spent in making music and get profits. Unfortunately, music is not a predictable investment. You never know how long it will take you to start making money off your music. Looking at Jovi’s music history, ‘God Don Kam‘ is the first album he put on sale exclusively. This means Jovi has been investing in his career for over 8-10 years.

Jovi also has the right people around him. He has built a team characterized by love and trust, with all members having a common goal – success.

After a long while, Jovi finally gets on a show (The JOHNNIE MUSIC & WHISKY SHOW) and it’s obvious he is being paid huge because he has branded himself to a reputable level. The truth is, it is not Jovi’s music that is getting him such a huge home based market. It is his reputation.

What Every Artist Can Learn From Jovi 1


An artist needs to understand that at the start of his career, he can start making money off shows. But how do you make money off shows without proper branding, powerful content and good promo?

Are you building the right team?
Are you putting in enough satisfying work?
Are you investing enough time, energy and resources into your career?
Are you liable enough to change and improvement?

The above questions will test your desire for success in your music career. Jovi’s examples are good ones to follow and every artist can take a keener look at his moves and learn a lot more from him.