Jovi 'God Don Kam'
Jovi 'God Don Kam'

Jovi “God Don Kam”:

February 16th saw he birth of a landmark release which changed the status quo in the Cameroonian music industry. On the said date, Cameroonian rapper Jovi released a new album which he titled “God Don Kam“. This album was released after his earlier released EP Project titled “God Di Kam.”

Why I say Jovi’s release changed the status quo is because the project was sold locally using platforms like MTN Mobile Money and Orange Mobile Money. It is noteworthy that no A-List Cameroonian artist has ever made their music available for sale via local platforms. We are used to seeing artists’ music on platorms like Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, TIDAL etc. which only accept purchasing via VISA Card or PayPal. So we can say with all confidence that Jovi’s move is changing the status quo.

The main song off the album is titled ‘God Don Kam’ and in this song, Jovi raps:

“Jovi go rap again so? Esque men dem need for ask?/
From now on, anything beside money, I di match am pass (Yeah)/
Perch for my angle, man don ready now for blast (Yeah)/
Showbiz na bush weh snake dem pack for inside grass (Yeah)…”

The above lines suggest that Jovi may not be releasing any more free projects. He goes ahead to say he’s ready to ignore anybody who doesn’t support his decision henceforth.

Personally, I think Jovi has put in enough work and has over the years, kept a warm and mighty fan base while improving speedily on his music and style. This is more reason why he deserves to reap the fruits of his hardwork. I think Jovi should no longer release free projects, as now is the right time for him to sit back and watch his investment pay off.

To our readers:
-Do you think Jovi’s lines on the song, ‘God Don Kam,’ Imply something else?
-Do you fear that Jovi’s decision might affect his future in the Cameroonian Music Industry?
-Should Jovi keep releasing free projects?

Stream or Download Jovi’s GOD DON KAM below: